As a freelance designer specialising in illustration, with a focus on semi-realistic portraiture, I create digital visuals and online branding for a broad range of clients. I’m passionate about video games and the gaming industry, which influences my work in both content and style. I love the competitiveness and escapism that comes from gaming and dream of creating fascinating worlds and characters for new generations of gamers to enjoy. I have been investigating diversity in the industry, especially in character design, during my degree and I am inspired by the women who have built up our presence in the industry. I hope to follow in their footsteps and create a more accessible and diverse gaming environment.
Development and promotional images for our third-year project. I chose to create an animation for a soundbite on sustainability in the fast fashion industry.  
A minimalist ink piece created in lockdown. 
A logo created for the collaborative shop run by myself and three other classmates. 
Example promotional piece for our collaborative shop. 
Development image, testing out the colours and textures.
One of my final pieces for our collaborative book festival project inspired by Sci-fi book such as i-Robot. 
A mock up of one of the final designs on a t-shirt. 
I created all images using clothing textures scanned in digitally and brushes inspired by stitching patterns.
My first ever piece of the course, inspired by Scandinavian interior design. 
One of my final pieces for our Advanced Design Project showcasing diversity in the gaming industry. My idea for this project was to have a fully customisable main character so any player could represent themselves. 
A development piece for my advanced project. 
A character sheet showcasing a potential main female character. 
A timeline I created with some of the most iconic female characters and how female designs have changed over the years. 
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