I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a background in interior design. Learning and developing new skills is my passion and I have relished the opportunity to that during my degree. Through the use of social media platforms, I have built up a creative business where I create digital illustrations, design logos and produce interior design mood boards. I work to commission and in collaboration with other designers and agencies. I am currently developing my multi-disciplinary design skills within UX/UI through digital app design, with specific focus on the importance of sustainable design. I hope to take this new knowledge and interest in how design can impact environmental issues into my freelance work, offering my clients insight and opportunities in the fight against climate change.
Hero image of PosEN app; sums up the project “Connecting to nature” in a visual way
The PosEn app allows user to track their carbon footprint.
The app provides features such as a social media platform to connect with others, a carbon footprint tracker, a challenges section and a discovery page, to allow the users to learn more about their effects on the environment.
The users are encouraged to make small changes to their lives which will have positive impacts on the environment.
Set challenges for the user to take part in such as showering for less to save water usage.
Initial Questionnaire to track users current carbon footprint before using app
The Blackout event allows users to attend a night time walk in their local forest. Pathways are lit up using colourful solar panelled LED lights. 
Map of the event- highlights no parking and a clear pathway through nature.
The plant-based food stall is available at the event to promote an environmentally friendly plant-based diet.
Posters to promote the PosEn app and The Blackout event.
PosEn App poster.
The Blackout poster.
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