I am a multidisciplinary designer with a background specialising in interior design. I currently undertake collaborative work with skilled interior design companies and produce commissioned work for clients in the form of 2D digital design. I love this type of work and am passionate about typography, graphic and logo design. I enjoy creating realistic, 3D models on design software such as ArchiCAD for interior and external design projects, honing my talents in this speciality. I thrive on new challenges and broadening my horizons. I hope to encounter new creative experiences and opportunities that allow me to grow and flourish as a versatile designer.
Nexus of 'FUSE' community pavilion. Providing a multifunctional space that encourages the community to come together.
Overall view of the community pavilion, including the community herb garden, vegetable patch, café and kitchen. 
FUSE Herb Garden. Encouraging local residents to grow their own herbs. 
FUSE Café and Shop.
FUSE Food Festival. Local food festival held monthly within the pavilion.
FUSE Vegetable Patch. Allocated to groups within the community, encouraging the growing of local produce. 
FUSE Pavilion.
Leaflet detailing events held at FUSE Pavilion.
FUSE Pavilion App for event information, bookings and the opportunity to stay connected.
FUSE Pavilion App.
FUSE Food Festival advertising leaflet.
FUSE Hero Image.
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