I am a versatile, multi-disciplinary artist and designer with a background in illustration and visual communication. My preferred mediums involve a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, spanning across collage, screen printing and hand dyed textiles. Recently I have enjoyed sculpting with clay to create usable, household objects, as well as creating large format illustrative pieces as hand-painted murals. Aesthetically, I enjoy using bright, bold colours and my subject matter often focuses on social issues. I am particularly interested in community art and education; something I consider to be incredibly valuable due to its ability to uplift others and bring people together.
Govanhill is Vibrant (framed illustrations)
Illustrations of everyday sights in Govanhill, capturing the its unique charm.
Govanhill is Vibrant (Collages) 
Photographs of an everyday walk in Govanhill weaved into collages. 
Govanhill is Vibrant (mural)
A community arts project which was centred around promoting positivity and inclusivity within Govanhill.
Memories Preserved (illustration) 
An illustration developed from a project which was focused on my grandfathers memories in Yemen. It was inspired by the winding shapes of frankincense trees. 
Think outside the box 1 & 2 
A project which involved using a ‘machine’ to create marks which could then be manipulated into a digital artwork 
Together Collage 
Created during Covid-19, where the importance of working together and supporting each other was heightened.  

Memoriespreserved (jug) 
The intention of this project was to provide my grandfather something physical to remind him of his childhood in Yemen, before immigrating to Glasgow. His uncle Yusuf was his adopted father for most of his childhood and, having no photographs to remember him by, this acts as an object to commemorate someone who he loved dearly and a place that has changed so much since his youth.  

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